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Enclos wraps steel buildings in glass. They specialize in difficult projects and are one of the largest specialty contractors in the U.S.

We have worked with Enclos for 15+ years. Projects have included the website, intranet, and various internal tools. (redesign/merging of intranet site, Training + Development site and Knowledge Management site including single sign on)

Website Redesign

Enclos.com homepage


  • WordPress custom theme
  • Launched late 2020
  • Budget: ask (~100K)


  • My Responsibilities:
    New Business, Strategy, UX, IA, PM, Developer
  • UI Designer & Branding
  • Front-end Developer
  • Video Production*
  • Writer*

* Internal team members


  • Custom Gutenberg building blocks
  • Highly sortable portfolio
  • Extensive use of video


  • Architects (visual, scale/scope, market, facade area, year, location, )
  • Building owners (mainly information - beautiful projects)
  • Engineers (can I do x with it, will it hold up to x level of blast impact)
  • Contractors (how easy is it to install)

Below are a few of the documents created to illustrate the strategy, UX, and IA portions of the project. These documents were largely informed by our stakeholder interviews, competitive review, and UX audit.

UX findings summary report

Enclos UX findings summary report

Best practices weren't being followed - CMS was out of date and hard to maintain for internal staff (expression engine) - navigation didn't have active states - primary call to action was contact and buried in the footer - flexibility to add video for launch and the - project list needed to be visual. they were treating it like an intranet/catalog not a marketing tool they have beautiful projects


Enclos Sitemap


Enclos Wireframes: Homepage
Enclos Wireframes: Projects
Enclos Wireframes: Project List Default View
Enclos Wireframes: Project List Advanced View
Enclos Wireframes: Project List Detail
Enclos Wireframes: Insights
Enclos Wireframes: Insights Category Listing
Enclos Wireframes: Insights Detail